Which New Boiler Should You Choose?

There are all sorts of questions that come to mind when replacing a boiler. For instance, which boiler manufacturer/brand to choose, which type of boiler should I go for and where should I fit my new boiler? This short guide is designed to give all homeowners across Hunsdon, Ware and the surrounding areas a basic guideline on which new boiler to choose for their home. 

Type of new boiler

You’ll have an existing boiler and central heating system in place, but it doesn’t mean you can’t make a change…

Conventional boilers

Conventional boilers heat water within the central heating system and then store the hot water in a separate storage tank, usually kept in the loft. Conventional boilers are most suitable for homes where there is a high demand for warm water at the same time, i.e. where there are two or more bathrooms. They’re perhaps not ideal for homes that are limited on storage space, as they require the installation of two separate storage tanks and the boiler unit itself.

System boilers

System boilers work in similar way to conventional boilers, except the main heating components are kept within the boiler unit itself, not in a separate tank, making them a little more suitable for smaller homes. System boilers are also ideal for homes where there is a relatively high demand for warm water, i.e. homes with 1-2 bathrooms.

Combination/combi boilers

Combination boilers are forever growing in popularity across Hunsdon, Ware and the rest of the UK. Why? Because as the name suggests, all of the major components are confined into one single unit, making them an ideal solution for homeowners that are a) limited on storage space or b) looking to maximise storage space.

They work by heating the water directly from the mains, meaning there’s no need to wait for the hot water to refill, as is the case with conventional boilers and system boilers.

Boiler manufacturer

One of the most common questions we get asked is “which boiler manufacturer/brand should I go for?” In truth, all have their benefits. For instance, Worcester-Bosch are recognised for their great customer service and as a strong British brand, ATAG and Baxi boilers are recognised for their extended guarantees, Glow-worm are recognised for their low prices and Vaillant are recognised as a classically strong German brand. It’s down to you to choose which factor is most important.

Of course, we’re more than happy to help our customers across Hunsdon and Ware and any of the surrounding areas choose the perfect boiler for their home.

Position of the boiler

The type of boiler chosen will mostly dictate the position of the boiler, although that doesn’t mean you can’t make slight alterations. Combi boilers are a little more flexible than the other types allowing you to position them in different places. You can also alter the position of the outside flue, particularly useful if you’ve found that it’s positioned beneath a window or in another annoying place.

If you would like to get in touch with us with regards to getting a new boiler fitted in Hunsdon, Ware or any of the surrounding areas of Hertfordshire, please do so by filling out our contact form or by giving us a call on either 07988 295064 or 01279 843798. We’ll look forward to hearing from you soon.