Five Benefits Of Underfloor Heating

We’ve been installing underfloor heating in homes throughout Hunsdon, Ware and the rest of Hertfordshire for the past couples of years and its demand/popularity doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. Why? Take a look at some of the benefits…

1. Warmer, quicker

Radiators heat the air surrounding them using convection. This heat rises up the wall where the radiator is fixed towards the ceiling space directly above. Once the air has cooled, it falls back down, ready for the process to start again. Whilst convection heat is great for heating entire rooms, the process takes a considerable amount of time, often leaving the room with cold spots in places directly adjacent to the radiator.

In comparison, underfloor heating warms the room from the ground up using radiant heat. Radiant heat is great for heating people and objects and not just the air, walls and ceilings. Hence, underfloor heating helps the more important things in the room get warmer, quicker.   

2. Underfloor heating is cheaper

Directly linked to our previous point, but equally deserving of a specific mention, underfloor heating is cheaper to run than conventional radiators.

First, as mentioned above, conventional radiators leave cold spots. The solution? Ramp up the temperature on the thermostat and wait for the heat to move across. The repercussion? Expensive energy bills. You needn’t worry about that with evenly distributed underfloor heating panels, which instead heats the entire room from the ground up.

Second, underfloor heating allows you to control the temperatures of individual rooms with individual thermostats, allowing you to lower or completely turn off the heating in rooms that are not in use.

Third, convection heat evaporates fast. If you turn the radiator off for half an hour, you’re going to have to go the great effort of warming the room up again. Radiant heat lasts much longer, meaning you can lower or turn off the thermostat once you’re happy with the temperature.

3. Underfloor heating is low maintenance

Once installed, you needn’t worry about maintaining it – it’s simple; underfloor heating looks after itself and should last a couple of decades. This falls in comparison to radiators that need rebalancing/bleeding every coupe of years, which can be a hassle if you don’t have the knowhow.

Of course, we do offer an underfloor servicing and repair plan for all customers in Hunsdon, Ware and the surrounding areas, so please get in touch if ever there is a need.

4. Comfort

Nice and short, convection heat from radiators is the heat that makes you feel stuffy because it overheats the air, whereas radiant heat is the heat that makes you feel warm and comfortable.

5. Decorating purposes

Underfloor heating is out of sight and out of mind. You can keep your home warm whilst keeping it stylish too. With underfloor heating, space is no longer taken up by a huge radiator; instead, you can push the sofa back against the wall and avoid worrying about a) damaging the sofa and b) trapping the heat.

Additionally, underfloor heating can accommodate any style. If you want underfloor heating fitted into the bathroom with laminate flooring, go for it. Alternatively, if you want underfloor heating installed underneath a carpet, you can do that too. Underfloor heating is perfect for any home.

If you would like underfloor heating in Hunsdon, Ware or any of the surrounding areas of Hertfordshire, please get in touch. You can fill out our contact form or you can give us a call on 07988 295064 or 01279 843798. We’ll look forward to hearing from you soon.